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#CLEProjectWinter: Sea of Green

The official start of spring is about a week away! This week's #CLEProjectWinter topic is "Sea of Green" in reference to the giant crowd of friends celebrating St. Patrick's Day at various places throughout The Land - but especially downtown at the parade and on East 4th Street.

Since spring and St. Paddy's Day are right around the corner, we want to see your best and most green Cleveland photos. 

PS - this is our last CLE PROJECT WINTER since it's time to start up a new season!

Here's how to participate in this week's hashtag project:

1. If it's green, it goes. Snap a photo or video of something green during the week or during your St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Looking for St Patrick's Day plans? Check out our guide, here.

2. Post to Instagram and tag @ThisisCLE, #ThisisCLE and #CLEProjectWinter. 

3. Look for comments on your photo from us throughout the week!

Some housekeeping notes:

  • Images must be appropriate and your own. Basically, don't break Instagram's Community Guidelines.
  • You don't have to be from Cleveland to contribute to the project. 

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